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Our Process

Getting to know you and your business

Our Process

Step 1

We begin with an initial in-person meeting with our business development team, where we learn about your business, your priorities, the scope of the existing contract and — if this has been failing — what has been going wrong. During this meeting, we’ll take time to walk around your premises and understand the specific requirements of your building.

Step 2

We put together a proposal, including staff, hours, methods, products, frequency of tasks, and innovative changes we recommend to improve efficiency or reduce costs.

Step 3

This second meeting, which will usually include your contract manager, will look at the proposal in detail and review it in relation to your premises.

Step 4

We then work with you to develop a timetable for the transition of contracts, with a countdown plan to the day it goes live. Our health and safety manager will visit your premises to assess any risks, and put procedures in place (such as signs or alternative storage) to ensure the safety of your staff as well as our own.

Step 5

Throughout the first 10 days, we’ll ensure your contract is fit for purpose and make amendments accordingly. Our manager will work closely with you at this early stage, introducing the team to new working practices and ensuring the transition runs smoothly. To begin with, we will review your contract every few weeks. This is to ensure we are meeting your needs and to make adjustments if required.